Lee & Aska

27. October. 2023

Welcome to our wedding website
– we’re so glad you’re here.
We’ve created this website as a helpful resource for our upcoming wedding in Ishigaki.Here, you’ll find our schedule of events, travel information
and some FAQs about the day.
We’d love for you to take a look around
and learn more about our wedding plans.
Finally, thank you for all of
your love and support so far.
We can’t wait to share the adventure
of a lifetime with our favorite
group of people!
We can only have 30 guests attend
the wedding, so please RSVP
as soon as possible
, by email, DM,
on Skype or whatsapp!
Lee and Aska.

The Wedding

Date: 27 October 2023
Place: Ishigaki Island, Japan

Venue: Rooftop Ceremony with city/ocean view.
(ceremony in English and Japanese)
Time: 4.30pm-9pm.
Shirt and trousers or shorts for men, jackets and ties optional.
Any footwear except flip flops.
Summer dresses or two pieces for ladies.
Sandals and flats are welcome.
Ceremony starts at 5pmReception:
Food, drinks and local san-shin artist (stringed instrument) on the rooftop, starting at sunset.
-Self Serve Sushi bar-European-style
Charcuterie section
-Main course is a choice of
seafood or Butchers cut

(Menu still in progress)
Please feel free to contact us
if you have any dietary requirements.
After party at a private izakaya (Japanese bar)
9pm til late:
If you fancy some more drinks,
Japanese food and a fun night out,
we have rented our favorite izakaya
for a private after-party!
Your presence at the wedding is all we need, however should you spoil us with a contribution towards our future,
it would be much appreciated :)

Travel Info

To help you make the most
out of your holiday,
please find our travel tips below!

How to get to Ishigaki

There are short direct flights available from Hong Kong into Ishigaki
with HK express,
So the easiest route is to fly to Hong Kong
from wherever you’re traveling from
You can of course fly to Tokyo or Osaka first and enjoy the main land Japan before heading to the island if you prefer.There’re direct flights available from both Tokyo and Osaka from all over the world.Peach airline is a great low-cost carrier for domestic flights that we use all the time, though comfort isn’t really their strong point.
ANA and JAL are great airlines with comfortable seats and great service.
If you’re intending to rent a car whilst in Japan, you will probably need an international driving license!
Please check online
for your country's info. is the best place to start searching for flights, it allows you to type in multiple destinations.

About Ishigaki

General Info:

Ishigaki offers several nice beaches,
good snorkeling, and diving in the surrounding coral reefs.
Snorkeling can be enjoyed
at nearly every beach,
and diving tours are offered
from many dive shops all over the island.
**Average Temperature in October:
**24-29 ℃
100V, 50/60Hz
Plug type A and B, same as the US.
Japanese Yen
(1.00USD=130yen as of February 2023)
Money exchange is available at the airport, banks and
post offices around town.
There’re many cash machines also available.
Most shops accept foreign credit cards, though some only accept cash so it’s better to always have some cash!

How to get around in Ishigaki

Hiring a car is by far the best way
to get around Ishigaki.
(Make sure to check about the international driving licence.
In the UK, it's a simple form that costs $8 with a passport photo, all done in the post office on the same day.)
Public transportation is available and runs frequently between the airport and the central Ishigaki, though bus connections to other parts of the island are much less frequent.Taxis are good and reasonable in and around town, it should be less than 1,000 yen in town even late at night.
All companies charge
about the same price.
A taxi ride between the airport and the city center takes about 30 minutes and costs around 4,000 yen.
Road info:
Drive on the left side of the road
The typical speed limits: 50 to 60 km/h
Parking info:
You will most likely need to pay for parking in the town center. When booking accommodation, check if
they have free parking.

Where to stay

There are a variety of accommodation options in the surrounding area including hotels, resorts and AirBnBs.
Please find some of the top recommendations below.
5 ★★★★★
ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort (an IHG Hotel)
Chic rooms and suites in a high-end, beachfront hotel.
5 min drive away from the town center.

4 ★★★★
Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas
Great rooms and cottages at the beachfront,
10 min drive away from the town center.

In the city center:
TOP PICK! 3 ★★★
East China Sea Hotel

Good price, modern and high quality, great sea view,
right in the center of town.
Great breakfast.
We will be staying in the top floor suite here
for the wedding!

*Paid parking available

3 ★★★
Vessel Hotel
Clean, modern, good price,
5 mins walk from town.
Free parking, free breakfast.

NOTE: We can sort out long-term accommodation for anybody who wants to stay longer than 3 weeks!

Things to do

Ishigaki is known for manta rays which congregate in large numbers around Manta Scramble near Kabira Bay.
Other marine life you can expect to see are turtles, clownfish, blue coral, blue sea stars etc.

you can snorkel with manta rays!
They come up to the surface to eat plankton in the winter time, and you can see them up close!
Recommended tour company:
Kahoo Snorkel Shop,
we can get a friend's discount
and they use a drone to find manta rays,
we saw 4 mantas on this tour.
Let us know if you need
help booking tours :)

-Kabira Bay:
The most famous spot on Ishigaki, swimming is not permitted due to the black pearl cultivation.

-Sukuji Beach
-Yonehara Beach
We recommend just pulling over at random spots along the north part of the island, there’re a lot of quiet secluded beaches all over the island.
-Motor Paragliding
-Stand-up paddleboard
-Astronomical Observatory with “MURIKABUSHI Telescope,”
an optical-infrared reflector telescope with a 105 cm aperture
can see Saturn's rings.
-Tamatorizaki Observation Platform
-Nobare Cafe
-Nosoko Mape:
15 minute hike up to the top,
for 360 degrees view of the island.
Make sure to wear good footwear, flip flops are not recommended.
-Emerald Sea Observatory Deck:
The view looking over the city, easily accessible by car from the town center.
-Yoneko-yaki Kobo Shisa Farm:
Farmland full of fun colorful shisa statues, one of our favorites!
-Sabichi Cave:
A limestone cave that opens up onto a beach, 1,250 yen entrance.
- Ishigaki Yaima Village:
Has dozens of squirrel monkeys.

Yaeyama Islands

Ishigaki is the hub in
the Yaeyama islands.
The closest and easiest to get to out of them all is Taketomi island, other islands include the jungle-covered Iriomote Island, famous for its beautifully preserved, traditional Ryukyu village.
All other islands have pristine beaches
comparable to the Caribbean.
・Taketomi Island:
Only 10 min ferry ride away from Ishigaki, Taketomi island has a beautifully preserved traditional Okinawan village and plenty of beautiful beaches, including the one with star-shaped sand.
Perfect for a day trip, or stay the night to experience the quiet Okinawa village life after the day-tippers have gone.
・Kohama Island:
White sands and turquoise seas, with rustic charm and natural beauty.
Has two high-end resorts.
(25-30min from Ishigaki)
**・Hateruma Island: **
Japan’s southernmost outpost, known
for the clearest night sky in the country.
・Hatoma Island:
Unspoiled natural beauty, with secluded white sand beaches and the bluest water we’ve ever seen.
(45-50 min from Ishigaki)
・Kuroshima Island:
A small circumference of under 13km, and the cattle outnumber residents 13 to one. (25-30 min from Ishigaki)
・Yonaguni Island:
Japan’s westernmost inhabited island,
111km away from Taiwan. Known for scuba diving with 100s of hammerhead sharks (between November to April).
There are diminutive pony-like Yonaguni horses roaming around too. (1 hour flight from Naha, Okinawa)


If you need any help or advice on anything, or you have a request,
feel free to contact us!

Thank you!

Again, we can only have 30 spots available at the wedding,
so please RSVP as soon as possible,
by email, DM, on Skype or whatsapp!
We can’t wait to see you all on
our new island home!